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History of the Welsh in Minnesota (1895) As Told by the Old Settlers
At long last an English translation by Martha A. Davies of the Welsh language part of Hanes Cymry Minnesota. Indexed and with every photo from the original volume. The Welsh language account is quite unique with fresh stories told firsthand by scores of Old Settlers with settlement histories in tidy order. 408 pp.



Hanes Cymry America: A History of the Welsh in America (1872)
A new translation with many corrections and revisions AND (for the first time) an index of names PLUS facsimiles of the advertising pages bound into the original 1872 Welsh-language edition by Rev. R.D. Thomas.  536 pp.



History of the Welsh Church in Jackson, Ohio: With Travels, Fishing & Farewells
A translation by Martha A. Davies of Evan O. Roberts’ 1908 book–part church history and part charming miscellany told with wit and wisdom. Index. 172 pp.



A History of the Calvinistic Methodists in Utica, New York
A translation of the 1896 Welsh edition by Phillips G. Davies. Index. 96 pp.



Early History of the Welsh in the Proscairon District of Wisconsin
A translation of the 1894 Welsh edition by Martha Davies, based on a draft by the late Phillips G. Davies. Adventures of Welsh settlers near Cambria, Wisconsin. Index. 73 pp.
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