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Archive For Welsh America

Located at the Great Plains Welsh Heritage Centre, Wymore, Nebraska

Archive For Welsh America, Welsh Heritage Project, Wymore Nebraska

Adjoining the Welsh Heritage Centre is our purpose-built archives building opened in 2013 and funded by generous donations and a grant from the Margaret and Martha Thomas Foundation. The state-of-the-art 24ft x 24ft facility is built using insulated concrete form (ICF) construction and features FEMA-compliant (tornado-resistant) doors, a non-aqueous fire-suppression system, and temperature and humidity control. Materials are stored in archival-quality, acid-free boxes and folders to ensure our growing collection of Welsh-American documents and artifacts is preserved for future generations. Our holdings include:

  • Historical manuscripts and documents
  • Photographs, paintings and prints
  • Recordings
  • Music scores
  • Welsh woolens and other textiles
  • Welsh- and Welsh American periodicals
  • Family history collections

Archive For Welsh America, Welsh Heritage Project, Wymore Nebraska

We also hold the archives of a number of Welsh-American organizations, including:

  • St. David’s Welsh Society of Nebraska
  • Puget Sound Welsh Association (Seattle, WA)
  • Welsh Association of the Pacific Northwest
  • Seattle Welsh Choir
  • Iowa Welsh Society
  • St. David’s Welsh-American Society of Washington, D. C.
  • Welsh North American Association (formerly Welsh National Gymanfa Ganu Association)
  • Cymdeithas Madog
  • Welsh Heritage Week
  • W.A.G.S.  Welsh American-Genealogical Society


Ninnau is a Welsh-American newspaper published since 1975 in English with some Welsh-language content. The bimonthly publication includes information about Welsh-American societies and events as well as many topics related to Welsh culture. In 2003, Ninnau merged with Y Drych and includes the former title as its literary section. We have hardcopies of Ninnau from 1975 to the present.

Archive For Welsh America, Welsh Heritage Project, Wymore Nebraska

Y Drych

Y Drych was the main medium of long-distance communication for Welsh speakers throughout the United States and Canada during the 19th and early 20th centuries and was published almost entirely in the Welsh language until around 1930. Y Drych provides a wealth of information about the Welsh in North America and is a valuable resource to genealogical researchers. Our holdings of Y Drych run on microfilm from 1851 to 1950 and from June 1989 to January 2002. We have hardcopies of most issues from 1957 until 2003, when it merged with Ninnau.

We are privileged to be the guardians of these important historical documents, artifacts and publications. If you have questions about our holdings or would like assistance with research, please contact us.