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Nebraska's 150th Anniversary, Welsh Heritage Project, Wymore NebraskaPENBLWYDD HAPUS NEBRASKA!
Pobl y Paith / People of the Prairie: The Welsh in Nebraska
celebrates Nebraska’s 150 years by telling the story of our state’s Welsh immigrants.

Welsh immigrants arrived in Nebraska in the mid-nineteenth century, among the many settlers and homesteaders who sought a new life on the Great Plains. Like other immigrants, they brought their own, Celtic language, deeply rooted faith and cultural traditions. Our 20-minute mini documentary, Pobl y Paith/People of the Prairie, tells the story of Nebraska’s Welsh settlers through historical photographs and interviews with their descendants who keep the memory of their ancestors, and America’s Welsh heritage, alive today.

Also available on DVD and Blu-Ray for museums, libraries and Welsh-American cultural events and societies.

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